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Quest, No Conquest


Side A 15:00
Side B 14:54


VOMIR - the master of Harsh Noise Walls -
No vocals. No changes.
A blast of harsh electronic distorted noise
Ambient Doom!

Quest, No Conquest C30 cassette
Available 01.18.2014

Review by VITAL WEEKLY #919:
A while ago someone was telling me that noise works better on cassette, because you could crank everything into the 'red' and still have not a lot of distortion. I was thinking about that when I was playing this Vomir tape. I know, Vomir, is harsh noise wall (did I ever mention that I am not blown away by this terminology? I did now) and that means probably that I should leave it to Jliat. But maybe I wanted to test that theory about noise and cassettes and decided to play this tape. On the labels website it says for this one 'no vocals. no changes. A blast of harsh electronic distorted noise Ambient Doom!'. And that reminded me of someone, a long long time ago, who said 'Merzbow is ambient, if you don't turn up the volume', but I argued that a low volume makes everything probably ambient. Indeed no changes here, but also not really loud, I was thinking. A very consistent wall of sound/noise, and perhaps, indeed, a bit ambient. I must say, honestly, it's not something I would play every day, but I quite like the consistent, conceptual approach here. Very minimal indeed - no changes as advertised - and that's for thirty minutes quite alright.


released January 18, 2014

Collage artwork by Manuel Pereira
Design by Jan Warnke


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Label for experimental music and all types of harsh sounds.
Run and founded by Jan Warnke.

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